Go Fund Me Threatens To Sue Civil Rights Website For Challenging Darren Wilson Fundraiser

Published 09/29/2014 by Dani B.



One civil rights website is not backing down after GoFundMe.org threatened to sue them for criticizing their facilitation of online fundraisers for Darren Wilson.

ColorOfChange.org was not satisfied to remain silent when GoFundMe did nothing to stop campaigns to support Darren, who gunned down unarmed Black teen Michael Brown, back in August. Since the fundraisers were posted more than seven weeks ago, Darren’s supporters have raised more than $400,000 for the disgraced Ferguson, Missouri, police officer.

The fundraiser has since been closed, but for reference, that is more than Michael’s supporters were able to raise for his family. People seemingly couldn’t give quickly enough to Darren’s campaign as it surpassed several of its earning goals in a matter of days.

MUST READ: ‘Support Officer Darren Wilson’ Fundraiser For Michael Brown’s Shooter Rakes In $164,000+

Seeing as how Darren, a White officer, shot Michael dead in the street, ColorOfChange.org…

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You Tried It: People Magazine Calls Viola Davis A Maid During ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Premiere

Published 09/26/2014 by Dani B.



While Viola Davis was killing the 10 p.m. slot on ABC Thursdays on “How To Get Away With Murder,” People magazine thought it would be cute to call her a maid. They were wrong.

Black Twitter was on the case when People decided to take attention away from Viola’s new show, where she plays a high-powered, cut-throat attorney, who is cultivating a new generation of defense lawyers. It’s a weighty, powerful role that Viola knows how to play with all of the nuances it requires.

Those that love Viola or “Scandal”—or pretty much anything that Shonda Rhimes touches—have been waiting very impatiently to see what the show would bring to ABC’s roster. They got their first taste tonight, and they were not disappointed. We’re not going to post any spoilers here, if you haven’t seen it, but we do suggest you head over to Hulu catch up.

While TV viewers were…

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What Happens When You Stop Testing and Start Teaching

Published 09/22/2014 by Dani B.


Last year, as I watched a trial run of an online test my five-year-old was taking, the decades-old earphones slipped down her head. She fumbled at the mouse in front of the computer, then clicked the button and liked the sound it made. So she clicked it again. She skipped a screen by accident. And once you skip a screen, you’re not allowed to go back.

The instructor went over to her and tried to explain that we could not just randomly click our mouse buttons, no matter how fun it was. We had to answer the questions. We had to get through the test.

My kindergartener looked at her blankly. Then came up with an answer she deemed a trump card.

“But it’s so shiny!” she exclaimed. The teacher sighed. She nodded slightly, but was called to help another student before she could re-explain the objective.

The FAIR test…

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‘F*ck It, I Quit’: News Anchor Walks Off Live TV, Would Rather Help People Buy Weed [VIDEO]

Published 09/22/2014 by Dani B.


During Sunday night’s 10 p.m. news broadcast, KTVA anchor Charlo Greene quit her job – live on the air.

Greene’s segment focused on Alaska’s upcoming vote on ‘Ballot Measure 2′, which proposes the legalization of Marijuana in the state. In a stunning twist, after centering her report around “The Alaska Cannabis Club,” a group that connects medical marijuana dispensaries with prescription users, Greene revealed that she is, in fact, the owner of the club.

Greene explained that she would be using her time to for “fight freedom and fairness,” meaning the legalization of marijuana.

“I, the actual owner of the Alaskan Cannabis Club, will be dedicating all my energy toward fighting for freedom and fairness, which begins with legalising marijuana here in Alaska. And as for this job, not that I have a choice, but f–k it – I quit.”

KTVA responded via their Twitter account and indicated that…

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Feds order Panola bridges closed

Published 09/22/2014 by Dani B.


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PANOLA COUNTY, Miss. — Panola County leaders have a budget-busting problem on their hands.

They say federal inspectors have come in and shut down several bridges and restricted others, but they’re coming up with no extra money to help pay for repairs.

”Oh yes, every day they’re calling about it,” said Panola Supervisor Kelly Morris, describing the calls that come in at all hours, most angry, some threatening, about bridges across the county being shut down.

”It’s a big burden because of ‘em being cut off from coming the shorter way up to town, or going to work and having to drive a longer distance to get home,” Morris said.

Federal inspectors ordered the shutdowns after finding the bridges needed structural work, or in many cases, replacement. They’ve lowered weight limits on others, threatening the area’s economy.

”About half a dozen are out now, and we’re waiting…

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Growing Number Of Restaurant Chains Are Turning To ‘E-Ordering’ Technology

Published 09/22/2014 by Dani B.

CBS New York

PARAMUS, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — A high-tech touch is replacing a more personal one at many restaurants.

A number of chains now have their customers ‘e-ordering’ food on a tablet at their tables.

Family dining has changed for the Garofalos at Chili’s where a Ziosk tablet allows kids to play games and parents to pay the bill.

“You really can just pay when you’re ready. You don’t have to flag a server down who might be busy with other tables as well,” Bob Garofalo told CBS 2’s Jericka Duncan.

Right now customers can use the Ziosks to order drinks and desserts, and pay the bill. Meal orders are still taken by a server.

Chili’s is one of several restaurants using the Ziosks. Applebees and IHOP are rolling out a similar tablet called Presto in their locations.

At fourteen Panera locations customers will find a kiosk where they can order and pay…

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