About Me :)

“I am tearing down the walls and moving the mountains, stirring up the sea and believing in a change. Then the day will come when I will shout victory!”

  • Danielle A. E. Bean is just  the all-around, all-American woman who is trying to enjoy life and the people in it as much as she can.
  • She is a Georgia born, Mississippi raised, southern belle trained, and Missionary Baptist taught woman.
  • She has a daughter, Alexis, who is very awesome.
  • She has an amazing boyfriend, Carlos, and has been with him for since 2010.  They’re getting married soon!!  Our wedding website is maurywedding16.losevolution.com !!Y’all go to his website at www.losevolution.com ! He does the awesome WWE and TNA wrestling post, Scandal, technology updates and etc.
  • Danielle aspires to have her own have my all-inclusive event planning business and her own organization that promotes positive self-esteem in youth and adults.
  • She loves pageants. She was the 2013 first runner up and Miss Congeniality of the Star Achievement Pageant, Plus Size division.Then she became the 2014 Ms. Curvy Mississippi and then the 2014 National Curvy Ms Queen of the Today’s American Woman Pageant system. Now she participates in local pageants with her daughter!
  • She is a very simple woman who enjoys all the simple things in life, like love, peace, happiness, and togetherness!
  • Danielle’s interest include spending time with the people she loves, writing whatever moves her mind and heart, planning different types of events and executing them, pageants, volunteering, and just having fun.

“I grew up as a girl with dreams now I stand as a woman on a journey to pursue my happiness.”


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