Feds order Panola bridges closed

Published 09/22/2014 by Dani B.


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PANOLA COUNTY, Miss. — Panola County leaders have a budget-busting problem on their hands.

They say federal inspectors have come in and shut down several bridges and restricted others, but they’re coming up with no extra money to help pay for repairs.

”Oh yes, every day they’re calling about it,” said Panola Supervisor Kelly Morris, describing the calls that come in at all hours, most angry, some threatening, about bridges across the county being shut down.

”It’s a big burden because of ‘em being cut off from coming the shorter way up to town, or going to work and having to drive a longer distance to get home,” Morris said.

Federal inspectors ordered the shutdowns after finding the bridges needed structural work, or in many cases, replacement. They’ve lowered weight limits on others, threatening the area’s economy.

”About half a dozen are out now, and we’re waiting…

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