Today’s American Woman Pageant System

Published 04/27/2014 by Dani B.

I am just grateful for the opportunity to represent the beautiful, talented, and Curvy side of Mississippi in the Today’s American Woman Pageant System. I’m glad that I found a system that is inviting to women of all ages and doesn’t make you feel like you have to conform!

Under the direction of Jera Anders, the Today’s American Woman pageant website describes the system:

Today’s American Woman Pageant provides a wonderful way for women of all ages, backgrounds, cultures, sizes and abilities to celebrate the positive attitude that makes our country strong!  This pageant system is designed to help showcase our contestants’ individual personality, build self confidence, gain greater social awareness and give back to their community.

Our pageant is very different that most pageants, as we pride ourselves in being the Nation’s Pageant with Purpose. With our Motto as “Crowns with a Purpose”, we allow each individual contestant to serve a platform that is near and dear to her own heart and life’s experiences. We encourage our contestants to know the importance of being a positive role model and leaving a legacy for our younger generations to follow. Our queens wear their crowns with “Purpose and Pride”!

The demographics of our pageant contestants could be any and every woman in America. Today’s American Woman and encompasses all women regardless of age, shape or size, abilities and tattoos are ok too! TAW celebrates the diversity that makes America unique. We are a pageant for ALL women…REAL women….making a REAL IMPACT!

Our age divisions range from Junior Teen and Miss to Ms. and Mrs. contestants.  We have special divisions for Curvy ladies too!  The Pageant is open to all eligible applicants, welcoming newcomers to join and see how wonderful pageantry can be!

If you want more information on the Today’s American Woman Pageant, please go to the website and contact the National Board!!


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