Nicki Minaj On Wearing Her Natural Hair: ‘I’m More Confident In Myself’

Published 04/22/2014 by Dani B.


Nicki Minaj stunned fans when she suddenly abandoned her wigs, over-the-top makeup and ensembles and embraced a more natural look. She’s even vowed to go back to her fierce raps after experimenting with pop songs like “Starships.”

Nicki’s promoting her new movie “The Other Woman,” where she plays a vicious assistant to Cameron Diaz’s character. During her promo rounds, Nicki stopped by “Good Morning America” where she revealed the inspiration behind her new look (that we ab-solutely love).

“Before my first album even came out, I said that on my third album, I would wear my natural hair,” she said. “I did the wigs, I did the colors, I did the heavy makeup and all that stuff.  And maybe I’m more confident in myself.”

It’s pretty safe to say that the Young Money barb was hiding behind this made-up facade, but we’re glad to see that she’s now…

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