24 for 24 years

Published 03/18/2014 by Dani B.

So today I am 24 years old…It’s my birthday…uh…uh…It’s my birthday

Time has flown by so fast..I still remember a lot from my pre kindergarten years!!

Anyways, every has things that they want to do during the year so I have my 24 for 24 years! My bucket list!

  1. Learn to say “no”-to myself and to others…Just sometimes, I have to say no
  2. Find a financially stable job to balance my finances
  3. Win my first National Pageant
  4. Learn to be happy with myself. That is gonna be hard but I can do it.
  5. Be able to buy one expensive outfit with the accessories as a gift.
  6. Go to a concert, maybe 2.
  7. Take a trip to Las  Vegas..either a couple trip or girls trip.
  8. Next destination will be a girls’ trip to Panama.
  9. Take Alexis to Disney World
  10. Pay off debt
  11. Read the Bible in a year
  12. Hand write and mail out letters to family and friends
  13. Lose 100 pounds
  14. Ride a roller coaster
  15. Fly on a plane
  16. Ride on a train
  17. Take a personal trip somewhere
  18. Save money
  19. Skydive (after losing the 100 pounds)
  20. Read 24 books
  21. Go camping
  22. Go skinny dipping (after losing the 100 pounds lol)
  23. Be closer to finishing these 2 degrees so I can finish the 3rd one
  24. Love. Smile. Hope. Pray

I’m excited!! Can’t wait to see where I’m at when I turn 25!!


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