Published 12/31/2013 by Dani B.

So, this is the last day of 2013. I plan on spending it with both halves of my heart tonight and I’m really excited about that! But here are some important things that happened to me in 2013 (I probably forgot some things but I’m human..I make mistakes lol)…

  1. My child turn 5 years old…*sighs* she is growing up and it’s amazing
  2. My relationship turned 3 years old. This journey has been an eye-opening one for both of us.
  3. I turned 23..*sighs* but I feel old and I’m still getting double carded when I go on the Square..
  4. I participated in my first pageant. I earned Miss Congeniality and got 1st Runner Up in the Plus Division. I had so much fun and it jumped started my self-esteem and self-confidence journey.
  5. I completed around 780 hours of community service under the University of Mississippi College Corps program. Best organization joining decision I’ve made since I was at Ole Miss!!
  6. I became a Girl Scout leader and haven’t regretted it. I love every moment I am with my world changers (scouts) and doing things for them. I got to meet the CEO of the Heart of the South Council (Angela Woods) and I didn’t even get a picture with her and she is leaving on January 10th. Much luck and blessings to her!
  7. I went back to HOBY after 7 years and was a Group P’s leader and had so much fun!! Made me realized that I loved community service and because of HOBY and RYLA is why I’m so obsessed with volunteering and with leadership!! and I met so many people who are my friends now!! I love HOBY!! *HOBY hugs*
  8. I got a new car. Thank God
  9. I moved back to Oxford in my condo (also looking for a roommate for January-July 2014.)
  10. My child started Kindergarten…we’ve had some hiccups but I know that 2014 will be better.
  11. My first year anniversary as a Boys and Girls Club staff was November 1st. I love working with the kids and for the kids. I know people I say I’m tough but it is because I love them so and I want to succeed.
  12. I started at Full Sail going for my Sports Marketing and Media degree. I was excited at first but now I know what I need to do.
  13. I started at Walgreens at the end of October.
  14. I am now the 2013-2014 Ms Curvy Mississippi and will be on my way to Greenville, SC to compete for the Today’s American Ms Curvy!!

Below is a slide show of some of my favorite moments and pictures from 2013!!! Enjoy!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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