Dani’s Goals for 2014

Published 12/26/2013 by Dani B.

First of all, I don’t give a rat’s behind on what people have to say about people who make resolutions/goals for the new year!! At least we are making one. At least we have a plan. At least we know where we want to go in life. At least we envision our dreams. At least we are working..I rather work and plan than run my mouth about others. But I digress. . .

So, I have some basic goals for 2014 and all I’m doing is building upon what I’m doing now:

  1. If You’re Happy and You Know It, Then Act Like It!–I loved Beyoncé’s song “Pretty Hurts” and she answered the question that she aspires to be happy in life. And I want that for myself. It is easy to want and make others happy but to sit down, figure out and make yourself happy will be a challenge for me. I just want to smile more. I am a lot prettier when I smile.
  2. In My Mind — Set relationship and school goals. That is whole separate list that I am not ready for the world to know yet !
  3. Happy Mother’s Day — I want to be a better mom. On my heart, I have to be ( you have to know what I think to know my pain and only 2 people have the privilege of that!)
  4. No More Crying Rivers–Just ask Carlos aka LosEvolution. I cry a lot. I allow my negative emotions and thoughts beat the hell out of me sometimes and that is something that I have to stop doing.
  5. Money, Money, MONEY!!! — Finding a better job (pay and health wise) and get my money back right! Cutting my debt at least by 70% by September 2014! Alexis and I need to be having more fun and going more places…oh Carlos also! And I have wanted to get involved with stocks and investments for some odd reasons
  6. Opinions That Are Not My Own –This one is huge. I do worry about others’ opinions and that is why I am very hesitant when it comes to things that I want and wish to do in my life and with my love ones.
  7. The B-I-B-L-E Is Made For You And Me — I gotta read my bible more. I want to do the read the Bible in a year challenge but I also want to study and comprehend, not just read.
  8. Write More, Hold In Less–This is my blog!! I need to be writing more and writing about everything! Whatever is on my mind, I need to start blogging and writing about it. Maybe that’ll help me with 1-3 also.
  9. Pageant World Domination –Bring home the Today’s American Woman National Ms. Curvy Pageant Crown. I got 6 1/2 months to get right, get tight, and get that crown (Don’t Keep Calm, I’m winning that crown!! 2013-14 Ms. Curvy Mississippi loves you 🙂 ) So that mean beauty regiments, hair regiments, pageant coaching, consultants, make-up, etc… I’m so excited!!!
  10. You Gotta Workout It– To get more serious and get my body more fit. I don’t wanna lose too much weight but I gotta lose the pouch, the hams, and rolls!!
  11. On My Honor…– To become a better troop leader so my world changers (my scouts!!) and their parents can become better!!
  12. Dress to the Nines — I gotta update and add to my wardrobe. That goes with getting my money right. I am not dressing how I want and this is not making me happy!! I got some items from Forever21+ and Beautiful Boutique in Starkville, MS that I am dying to add to my closet! (Any suggestions, let me know!!)
  13. Just Dance — I wanna take part in dance classes like Monica Wilson’s  Xocity Dance in Atlanta. I have about 10 songs that I wanna learn how to dance *wink lol (self-confidence boost really, I promise)
  14. From Coast to Coast… — I want to go at least 3 places in 2014. One for myself (Nashville), a family trip (Disney Land), and One for our Relationship
  15. FOCUS!! — Stay focused on my goals. I mean it’s hard but easy. I gotta time manage, budget, plan, pray, read, love, and enjoy life. I think I can do this

(Some might get the goal titles, others won’t but I thought they were funny in my head *shrugs* lol 🙂


Kisses to 2013 — Thank you the lessons!!

Cheers to 2014 — I’m Ready for You!!!

Happy New Years!!!!


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