Beyonce’s New Album (12.13.13)

Published 12/13/2013 by Dani B.

Okay, so I am not apart of the #BeyHive and I didn’t have a heart attack or anything but I did buy the album from iTunes and did listen to it. I have always been a fan of Beyoncé’s so here is my take on her new album:

Things I loved about Beyoncé’s Album:

  • She is still for the women of the world.
  • The marketing aspect that they use to promote this album (social media’s word of mouth! = Awesome!)
  • She still reps her hometown in every album I’ve heard of hers.
  • Still has respect for the ones who were there for her
  • She shows that you can be married, be a mom, and still go after your dreams and rock it
  • Blue’s voice on the album (I just love when children speak anyway..)
  • The sex factor of the album
  • The fact that there is suppose to be a part 2 coming soon
  • Everything!

You can click on the following link to go to my tumblr page and get the links to the videos from the new album: 


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