My Pageant Journey

Published 12/04/2013 by Dani B.

So, it my last pageant post, I had stated that I had competed in a pageant and I didn’t win the crown but it did spark an interest in competing within me.

So I did some research and I found another system, the Today’s American Woman pageant system. I contacted Ms. Jera Anders, the pageant director, and became so excited to compete.

I have an amazing pageant coach, Quiana, who is the pageant founder and director of the Star Achievement Pageant system. She is also coaching two other women who are competing for the Miss America crown in July 2014. So I am very honored to have her coaching me.

Also, I am looking for sponsors (individuals to businesses) to sponsor me as Miss Curvy Mississippi (if you are interested in helping out, contact me!! Any and everything will be appreciated!! ) and then I’ll be heading to South Carolina in June to compete on a national level to win. (exciting and nerve-racking!!)

This journey is one that will continue to help build self-confidence and self-esteem, so I’m not just winning a crown. I’m winning my consistent happiness with myself, my legit smile, and my love for myself back.

So, I’ll keep my journey posted so people who actually care will know how things are going!!!

For information of the Today’s American Woman pageant, go to :!


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