Random Facts About Me!

Published 11/15/2013 by Dani B.

These are in no particular order! 🙂

  1. I am a Baptist bred Southern Belle
  2. I have had 10 jobs since 2008.
  3. There has never been a time in my life that I have hated God. I was always taught that I put myself in certain situations and God blesses us by getting out of them with life lessons.
  4. I am a really open book. I only have a few secrets that I will take to the grave with me.
  5. I give up on things too easily, especially when I get a rude and mean criticism about it.
  6. Music taught me how to live and how to express myself
  7. I love mainly Disney movies,
    but cartoon movies. Especially Cinderella and Anastasia.
  8. When I was younger, I participated in ballet, gymnastics, piano, and singing lessons.
  9. I had a pet fish but I flushed him down the toilet when I got bored with it.
  10. I have friends but

    not a best friend.

  11. I love to help people. I may not like you but if you are hungry or cold, I will help. No matter how much love I don’t have for you.
  12. My favorite numbers are 3, 7, and 18.
  13.  I love, love, LOVE Community service. My goal is to do 2-3 millions hours of it before I die! Or at least start my own foundation.
  14. I love cheese and/or ranch dressing or BBQ sauce on a lot of food
  15. I have only been in 2 relationships.
  16. I hate the dark but I find peace in it sometimes
  17. I don’t like to sleep.
  18. I love pageants and working one winning one now!
  19. Depend on the food, I like to mix it sometimes
  20. My dream job was to be the NFL Commissioner
  21. I love roses. Especially pink and white ones
  22. I wear a size 11 shoe.
  23. I am horrible with money. I am always trying to find financial classes to help me manage my money and bills.
  24. I love fingernail polish and make up!
  25. I do like playing Call of Duty, Legend of Zelda, and any Mario Games
  26. I wanted to have a career by 24, be married by 25, first child by 26, but God saw differently!!
  27. I am a Girl Scouts alumnae, parent, and  troop leader!!
  28. I always wanted a 3 story, 5 bed/ 5.2 bath house with a 3 car garage, basement, and open floor concept
  29. I am a oversensitive, over caring, over jealous, anxious, depressed, 23-year-old who thinks that she is going through her quarter life crisis right now.
  30. I love my child and everything I do, I do it for her.
  31. I was raised in a broken home and I dealt my child my same cards. I just hope that it doesn’t hurt her.
  32. I love to event plan. It is something about planning events and networking that gets me excited.
  33. I hate when people hurt other people.
  34. I forgive to easily and forget rarely.

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