2013 Christmas List

Published 11/14/2013 by Dani B.

I usually don’t do a Christmas List. The last one I remember making was when I was like 7 years old and that is because my family would always make me *shrugs* I would rather give gifts than receive gifts. So this year I am making it easier on the people who actually love me and actually want to give me things for Christmas and so I don’t have to always answer the question: “What do you want for Christmas?”

  1. I want a TV (well a 40′ to 47′) since last year on Thanksgiving, I was broken into and all of my stuff was taken, I had a TV but I let my aunt have it!
  2. I want new makeup (the works.) It is so hard to find make up for my skin tone that don’t break me out in Oxford. I usually have to travel to find some good makeup but I haven’t been able to and I prefer that mineral make up!!
  3. Shoes- and no, not heels (I can’t wear them since I got hurt at Wal-Mart a few years back) but I’ll take wedges, flat, sandals, and some Nike’s (pictures provided below of the ones I really want and they are only $100!! lol)
  4. I want thigh high socks. I am losing my weight so they don’t look like packed sausages in them lol
  5. I don’t want the new Xbox One. It looks cool but then I would have to start over with the games I have and I just don’t want to do that and plus you always let the first couple of rounds of consoles go out and let them fix it before you buy it *shrugs* I’m just saying… but I do want an Xbox (preferably a 250 gb) with a wireless controller and turtle beach headset 🙂
  6. Gentlewoman Book by Erintan Bereloa, II.
  7. Any kind of jewelry. I am an A-1 jewelry fiend. Get it, I love it. I prefer blue, pink, silver, and gold jewelry but whatever.
  8. Clothes that I would actually wear. like skirts, nice looking tops (no frills, ruffles, or flowery crap), dress pants, dresses (again, no frills, a few ruffles, no flowery crap), t-shirts (anything and everything Ole Miss is acceptable!), jeans (no skinny jeans or straight jeans). Mostly anything from my Forever21 plus wishlist! (link provided!)
  9. Perfume-I love perfume, almost as much as I love jewelry! So Rihanna’s Rebelle and Nude. Any of the Mariah Carey’s perfume. Any of the Women Burberry collection. Any of the Ralph Lauren Women Collection. Any of the Vera Wang Collection for Women.

That’s all I can think of. I’m not trying to be selfish because most of this I will get myself when I get my money right and find a good sale!!

Nike Shoe 1 ( The pink and the blue one)

Nike Shoe 2 ( The first 3 and the 6th one)

Forever 21 Wishlist (my forever21 wishlist)

JustFab.com WishList ( My justfab.com wishlist)



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