15 Things I Would Tell My Younger Self

Published 11/05/2013 by Dani B.

I always think about where I am in my life and always said that if I could go back in time, I would tell myself a lot of things to do and not to do.


  1. “No” is actually a good word to use. Learn it and USE IT!
  2. Boys are not worth it…Sex is great but boys ain’t worth it until you get yourself through college and have a career.
  3. Love is hard. Love is complicated. Love is worth it in the end. Don’t stop loving and don’t let anyone stop you from loving.
  4. Start the college search EARLY. Visit colleges, it is totally okay to leave more than an hour away from home. 
  5. You are smarter than what you believe. Hell, you can do algebraic expressions in your head. Stop letting people make you feel like you have to be average to fit in.
  6. Don’t try to fit in. No one really likes anybody. Just do you and be happy.
  7. BE HAPPY. Everything will be okay.
  8. High school is not the best part in life. It is the worst. Just pray and get through it.
  9. Let the music move and motivate you into doing and being better.
  10. Learn to time manage and how to budget.
  11. Get a job early and save your money. Well fit it in after band and the other organizations.
  12. Love yourself more. People actually do think you are a pretty cool person, so just love yourself more and others will love you
  13. Be girly girl. Be pageantry. Be a tom boy. Be gothic. Be preppy. Hell, be you! No one is on your level so do you.
  14. Question everything and don’t feel bad about it. Learn and explore.
  15. Whatever you are thinking about, do it (unless it’s sex). Don’t doubt yourself. Missed out on too many opportunities because you allowed others to get to you.

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