12 Acts of Random Kindness

Published 11/05/2013 by Dani B.

During my childhood years, my mother always taught me to help others because you never know when you might need others to help you.


Well I took it farther than that, I wanted to be  there for people and help just because I could! Not because I had to but because God allowed me to be alive for one more day and I wanted to share my helpfulness with others.


So now I have issue myself a challenge:

Every month, I do an act of kindness for a stranger, friend, family member, child, elderly, college student, single mom, a family or whatever!! Just a random act of kindness and I have to take pictures or post videos of the action!




2 comments on “12 Acts of Random Kindness

  • Or maybe…uh…you can just be a nice and thoughtful human being? Rather than, say, posting a self congratulatory blog about “how great am I because one time I did this thing”. Human kindness doesn’t need a blog saying how great it is. It’s generally acknowledged.


    • I didn’t post it for a congratulatory pat on the back from others. And my blog is not dedicated to the helpful acts. I am doing it this journey to show others, especially my girl scouts, how easy it is to do something to help others, whether it cost something or cost nothing. I am a thoughtful and nice person and I just want to be an example to others. 🙂


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