Things I Learned from Relationships

Published 10/21/2013 by Dani B.

My significant other does a list like this for RAW (on Mondays) and Scandal (on Thursdays) on , so I decided that I would do one on Relationships…or whatever topic I decide for myself 🙂

They are in no particular order….just whatever pops in my head!

  1. Respect is needed, required, demanded. If you don’t have respect, you don’t have a relationship.
  2. Communication is a key to most successful relationships. Learn how to verbally and non verbally communicate. Only because you SAY something, your BODY might be saying something else.
  3. You way of loving and the other person way of loving is different. Set your standards and expectations and let it be known from the jump. Don’t feel bad for having high standards. Just make sure you are bringing the same amount if not more to the table.
  4. It is completely okay to date for marriage. That is what you are supposed to do. You are supposed to date and have relationships to find a suitable mate for marriage. Do I believe you should just go around and have sex everywhere with everyone? Not my body, not my say, my opinion don’t matter. Just be comfortable in what you do.
  5. You have to set boundaries in your relationships with your friends, families, associates, etc. If you don’t let them know from the jump, difficulties in your relationships can happen and will happen.
  6. Secrets, secret actions, notes, motives, etc. that are against each other will  kill relationships……slowly
  7. You learn who are really are in a relationship. Sometimes being intimate (not always sexually) sometimes shines a better light on who you are.
  8. Compromise is the biggest word and the hardest action you will learned and do in relationships. You might not like it but you will have to do it
  9. In order to have a fun and happy relationship, you need to keep it fun and fresh. Do different things once a month or once a week. Don’t allow the relationship to go stale. This is when infidelity happens.
  10. Learn to let ish go. Not all things that make you upset deserve an argument. Yeah, discuss it, talk it about (in the right way) but don’t have an argument. Choose your battles.
  11. You can’t change anyone. Stop it. If you want the perfect person, be alone. Go back to #8 and #1.
  12. Do things together (pray, meditate, shop, etc) but learn to spend some time apart (I’m still working on this! lol)
  13. Leave the past alone. Throw away, burn, shred, whatever things from the past. If you really wanted it, you would have stayed and made it work. Throw away those love letters, poems, cards, etc..just let it go!
  14. Learn to forgive and not forget the LESSON behind what happened.
  15. “I’m Sorry” and “I love you” will be two phrases you need to learn to say and mean when you say it.
  16. Sometimes you are not your significant other’s best friend. Be okay with that or you’ll have problems because of jealousy.

I liked doing this list 🙂


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