Life Lessons: Relationships (intro to part 2)

Published 10/13/2013 by Dani B.

Part one was the horrible phase in my life. . .

I am still trying to build myself up from it but. . .

And it is damaging my current relationship now. . .

Things I’ve found out about me:

  • I’m insecure
  • I’m scared to say what I want and need
  • I always put others before me and myself suffers horribly from it
  • I am really jealous and over bearing and protective of people I love (This one really gets me in trouble!)
  • I can be vindictive, conniving, manipulative, and malicious if I need to be ( this is one side of Danielle no one should nor need to see or experience)

I just want happiness.  I want to feel like I matter. I don’t want to feel like I am competing all the time. I want a relationship that I can enjoy. Because at this point (between my first and my current relationship), I was done with relationships. I was done with men. I was done with people.

Part 2 soon 🙂


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