Journey to Become a Pageant Woman

Published 10/12/2013 by Dani B.

Okay, if you didn’t know, I participated in a pageant this past year.  The Star Achievement Pageant for the Miss Plus crown. Out of the 2 girls, (Me and another girl), I placed 1st Alternate but the best title I got was Miss Congeniality.

Reasons I did the pageant:

  • Everyone was getting on to me about my self-esteem (yeah, I didn’t have really any self-esteem)
  • I have ALWAYS loved pageants. From Miss USA, Miss America (and yes I know the difference!), Miss World, Miss Universe, State Levels, City levels…I loved them all.
  • I wanted to challenge myself. I always thought that I wasn’t pretty enough or in the right shape to do pageants.
  • And I LOVE the glitz, glamour, make up, and all that good stuff. I’m such a girly girl!!

I didn’t really take this pageant seriously. I wasn’t in it to win it. I was in it to boost my self-esteem. I was in it to prove to myself that I was good enough or hell, even great enough to compete. Even though it was a small pageant system, it was still a pageant.

I had fun and made some awesome friends, from the pageant director down to the judges (we got to hear the judges speak some inspirational words of wisdom before the pageant and afterwards!)

So now, I want to do more pageants! I love the atmosphere. I love what I experienced. So I am going to do more.

Pictures below are from my pageant day! I didn’t do my best but I started to become my best!

pageant 1922681_4883391964365_1612480459_n945689_4889613159891_718240281_n

And now my daughter wants to do pageants… 🙂

Dear Future Husband,

Get ready because Mom and daughter will be doing pageants! lol


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