Football rant!!

Published 10/12/2013 by Dani B.

I really do hate when people (most men) say to me that women don’t know or don’t understand anything about football. I grew up loving football. I grew up learning football. I understand football. I have worked in the football world before and I am going to be working in it again very soon. I know that I will never coach but best believe that when I have a son, he will know more about football at the age of 5 than the average Jr high school player. So when you tell me that I don’t know anything about football or women don’t belong in the football world or any other sexist remark, please dismiss yourself and I’m being nice. I am not the one to say that to.


Oh Hotty Toddy!! Go Rebels!!! Win the Day!!! Lock the Vaught!!! Don’t Blink!!! 



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