Weight Loss Journey

Published 10/10/2013 by Dani B.

Hi again,

The one of the main goals I have in my life now is  to lose weight and to get healthy. I feel like my self-esteem suffers a lot because I really do hate to see myself in the mirror. I love shopping and I love clothes but I hate shopping for myself because it seems that

  1. I feel like stores in my area don’t have nice looking or different variety of clothes for plus size women
  2. Also, plus size clothing seems more expensive than “regular sized” clothing and working where I work, non-profit gets no profit! lol

Anyways, now I am 262ish pounds and I am 5’9. I really don’t look like because I am tall.

pageant 1

In that pic, I am on the right. I was competing in the Miss Plus Star Achievement Pageant. I got Miss Congeniality and 1st runner-up. That was just a few months ago so I am now a size 18/20.

I have big hips and thighs and my butt is big but kind of flat. I have a huge stomach and small breasts.

I want to lose 120 pounds by this time next year. Unrealistically, I want to lose that much by March 18th but I want to do it healthy not stupidly.

I really wish I could be on that Extreme Weight Loss show with Chris Powell on ABC.

But my journey starts soon! I’ll post before pics and then pics during this healthy weight loss journey!



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