Trip plans

Published 09/25/2013 by Dani B.

Since this is my first post from the WordPress app, I might as well talk about travel.

As you will find out, I love to travel. I just don’t have the funds to travel as much as I want with my heart (Alexis) and/or my love (Carlos).

So this is my next big trip plan:

– I want to fly (I’ve never flew before and neither has my heart) somewhere for the weekend. I want to fly out Friday night and come back Sunday afternoon.

I just don’t know where. I want to play tourist and what not. I want to sight see and try new things. I want to expose my heart to a lot of things, even though she is only 5.

My top 4 places I want us to go, will be:
•New York
•San Diego

Even though we are close and not gonna fly down to the coast (since we live only 6 hours away), would be my idea for a first weekend getaway.

But I want to be able to pay for everything. Food, gas (since I got a new car-okay maybe a rental), hotel, trinkets, events, etc…So that budget for that weekend, I’m going to say, around $1,000.

But until I find a better job (working for a non-profit, gets you know profit lol), that will be put off because I have Christmas and 3 birthdays coming up (December, January (my heart’s birthday), February ( my mom’s birthday), March (our 4 year anniversary and my birthday!)

Oh well, until next time…


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