The Geeky: Sailor Moon Crystal Expectations


I’m so excited for Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal…July 2014!!!!

Fighting evil by moonlight,
Winning love by daylight,
Never running from a real fight,
She is the one named Sailor Moon”

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Hello everyone!
In case you couldn’t tell from Twitter, I have been in a very geeky mood lately. I have been catching up on so much game news and tech news and all sorts of other crap. I am so excited though. I told you all a while back that I was super stoked for the new Sailor Moon anime that will be released in July and I am hoping that some of my expectations will be met…but the question is what am I expect?
sailor moon post Let’s start with everything that we know THUS FAR about the Sailor Moon Crystal anime:
- We have the production staff members.
- This is not to be an addition to the original series, but rather it’s own.
- It will take place in the modern era, so possible changes to outdated technology may be made.
- The anime will follow closely to the manga…

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